Sub table references main table

I have a main table of clients and the service they’ve chosen from me. I have a sub-table for an invoice and want the service referenced in that sub-table to match whatever the main table service says. I’m stumped on how this formula should look. Here’s an example of my table for reference:

Hi @ebunge,
I’m not sure I understand the problem. the doc you shared is published and copying is disabled, so I cannot dig into this.

For what I can see, it seems that the Invoice column in the Clients table is a canvas column, rather than a sub-table: it would be nice to see the logic behind it.

Could you share an editable version of your doc?


@Frederico_Stefanato Apologies - I had it set to play and thought that would do the trick. I’ve changed the settings to copy now, so it should work for you.

Basically, I was trying to limit the number of tables so I can later build out cross-docs for client specific hubs. Hence the canvas with a table inside it - so the table is linked to the client. If it’d be better to have an invoice table and then filter those out per client, I can totally do that. I just thought this would make it easier on me when it comes to the cross-doc later.

Hi @ebunge ,

Especially if you plan to cross doc clients, I’d take into consideration a slightly change of the data model, so that you can decouple your CRM with the activities in an easier way.

I opted for a more “standard” TaskProjectClient relationship.
This would bring the project in the center of the execution process, allowing also to bind Invoices to Project (and only implicitly to Clients)

Let me know if this makes sense to you.



I think this makes sense. Thanks so much for taking a look at it!

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