iOS Whisper AI + Prompt -> Coda Table

Hello everyone!

Wondering if anyone has already solved this.

I would love to have an app with which I can:

  1. Click my action button on my iPhone
  2. Speak
  3. OpenAI Whisper transcribes
  4. This transcription then gets processed through Chat GPT 4o
  5. The result is submitted to Coda.

Has anyone figured this out?

Or can you build this? I can pay.

Currently using SuperWhisper to get the Transcription processed automatically, but I have no idea how to then put it into Coda :sweat_smile:

There are some solutions for Notion, as usual, but haven’t found anything for Coda.

Thank you!

iOS Shortcuts and Coda webhooks.

If Whisper lets you export the data to a file, you can use a shortcut to push the data to a Coda webhook and then to a table.

Let me know if you need guidance on this.

I’ve dealt with Apple Shortcuts to Coda quite a bit. If you’d like, I can give you a full implementation in your existing Coda doc. We can chat about it in the link below or shoot a DM!