Siri/iOS and Coda Webhooks

I have long thought it would be amazingly convenient to modify a Coda doc handsfree from my iPhone. After witnessing @Eric_Koleda use Webhook automations to modify rows in a Coda doc, I figured I would give triggering automations directly from Siri a shot. I am happy to say it works quite well! Here’s how I set it up -

1.Create or select a Coda doc and find a table you would like to modify.
2,Next, Follow the same steps as in Eric’s doc to create the Webhook:

  • Add a new automation to the doc, using the trigger Webhook invoked.
  • Click the Create API token button to get a new token.
  • Copy the Webhook URL and API token and place them somewhere you can access on your phone later

Now, let’s get the iPhone part working.

  1. Download or launch the “Shortcuts” App.
  2. Select “+” to make a new Shortcut.
  3. Name the Shortcut something you can tell Siri to invoke it - I used “Talk to Coda”
  4. Now, time to build the automation:
  • To use Siri, Select Dictate Text
  • Add a URL
  • Finally, Get contents of the URL and use the POST request with the Header Key and Value and make the Request Body the Dictated Text from Siri. My initial one looked like this:

Now, back to Coda.

  1. Go back to your automation and Add Step 3
  2. I choose to add a row to a table and Set the new value with the below formula to bring in the dictated text like this -
    Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 7.48.21 PM

When you want to want to trigger it on the iPhone, simply trigger Siri and say your Shortcut phrase (ie “talk to Coda” or whatever you named it)

It does look like this Webhook workflow will work for everything from bringing in song details with Shazam, or importing Apple Notes or Reminders, and of course, modifying Coda docs from your car. I also look forward with triggering it in different ways - when I leave a location, when I turn on DND, when I take a picture etc.

I am playing around with all kinds of things but would love to see what Shortcuts this Community creates!



Amazing work @Thomas_Baucom! This opens up so many interesting possibilities.