[Workflow] Add Rows to any coda database with your voice!

Hi There,

First of all, really sorry to be (way) less present here in the past days, new baby is taking lot of time ! Of course I keep on enjoying coda, helping people when I can, and reading interesting feed of the forum, but have less time to write detailed answer in the community ! Hope you still remember me :slight_smile:

Anyway, I wanted to share with you a workflow I’ve set for my own case, that aims to feed any of my databases with my iPhone & Siri, and a combination of todoist/make applications.

Here is my blog post about how I set that

Enjoy if so, and let me know what you think !


Quentin, still in love with coda community :wink:

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Hi @Quentin_Morel

That’s an awesome tip.

I’m trying to do the same on my side.

How do you set up the Siri shortcut ?
I need to add one more step after “Hey Siri”. Before entering the name of the task like this :

“Hey Siri” → “Create a Task” → “Name of the task” → “Category”

is it possible to remove the middle step ? To do it like that :

“Hey Siri” → “Name of the task” → “Category”

And just a curiosity, why not using a Todoist coda pack instead of Make ?

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Hi @Omar_Mhammedi

The step your talking about is required to indicate to siri I want to execute the action of creating a task in Todoist otherwise it won’t know which app to use if I only give the name of task

I tried Todoist pack but the modification are hard (only name but not due date for example), and I don’t need to have a mirror system. I just use Todoist as a captur tools, because every day I’ll have access to my computer to sort and manage the idea/tasks I’ve quickly captured !
But you’re right, this is clearly possible !

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