Anyone made any shortcuts / automations for iPhone?

I’ve been playing with the Shortcuts app on my iPhone lately. E.g. I’ve made a button on my phone’s homecreen that adds a reminder to a list that then appears when I leave the house. So I can push the button, add a reminder to myself to bring my friend’s sunglasses with me, and then when I leave the house, I’ll get that reminder. All of things could be done prior, but its very nice to have one button right there on my home screen.

I’d love to have a dedicated button on my phone’s home screen that lets me create a task (e.g.) without even opening Coda. With Coda’s API, I’m pretty confident that can be done but I don’t know how to do it :disguised_face:

Anyone done something similar (invoked the Coda API from an iPhone automation in order to create a table entry)?


You can use Make (or probably Zapier) to do this easily. I send tasks with Todoist (it has great quick capture) and they get put in my Inbox table in Coda.

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