How To: Quick Adding of (Todo) Line on Existing Coda Doc (i.e. "universal capture")

Does anyone know how to use integrations to do a “quick” add of an item to an existing doc?

Here’s my ideal situation:

Using Google Assistant (i.e. “Ok Google”), I’d like to integrate an existing service to add to an existing list that I can review later. Basically, the “universal capture” method from GTD. If using Google Assistant isn’t an option, at least a quick shortcut on my phone’s home screen.

Anyone ideas? I thought about using Todoist/Zapier but it seems like it’s Coda->Todoist which is the opposite direction I’m looking for.


Hey Benn! This is a good one. I’ve used a similar workflow on my Mac that might help give you some direction. I lean on Zapier because that’s a tool I’m very familiar with. In this case, I’m leveraging its’ ability to ingest webhooks.

On my Mac I use an app called Alfred — which is a spotlight replacement but also much much more. I use Alfred so much that I reflexively tap the buttons that launch it every time I have a spare thought. I like to have a lot of those spare thoughts end up in Coda.

This blog post covers how you can trigger a Zap from Alfred, and send its’ contents wherever you’d like. In my case, they go right into my Coda thoughts doc as a brand new row.

It looks like it might be possible for your Google Assistant to produce a webhook – but I don’t use Ok Google on my end to be sure so I apologize if this is harder than it looks to me! If you can produce a webhook from that that carries the content of your voice request you could send it to a Zap and have the content end up in Coda.

These might be some helpful resources. Good luck!

If you use iOS, another option could be using a Siri shortcut to kick off a Zap as well.

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@Benn_Bennett hey I use as well but a different approach. I’ve set up a ‘Push’ zap via their chrome extension. This way every browser window has it ready and its lighting quick, whereas sometimes Coda and other apps are slower. Only thing to note is that if you start typing details and click out of it before submitting everything is lost!

Well look at this timely blog post.

Hope this helps!

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