Is anyone else getting the Coda "Face Slap", umm, I mean "Aw Snap!"?


When using Coda (Windows) whether on my work laptop or at home, on my desktop system, on a regular basis, the page I’m working on will just go POOF, disappear and then an “Aw, Snap!” dialog will popup!

I can be editing a formula (losing it, having to start over), or the browser can just be sitting there, or I may come back from aother application - Aw Snap… will be sitting there?

I’m just wondering if it’s just me experiencing this?

I’'m mostly using Chrome when this happens, I’ll have to use MS (spam)-Edge a bit more to see of this Out of Memory error happens there as much as with Chrome…

Any info appreciated!

Edit: I’ll just add my Dev laptop has 32-Gigs of RAM, and my Desktop has 64-Gigs…

I have never experienced this error.

How big is your doc?
How many Chrome tabs do you have open when this happens?

Hi Piet, I’m been experiencing this off and on for months now - I’ll have to keep more of an eye out.

I also have a virtual machine I will, at times open a Coda page or two - I know that environment is memory starved, but seeing it happen on my Dev laptop today prompted me to see if anyone else was experiencing this.

I’ll see what I can report back with…

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