Is Finta pack privacy/data secure?

Hello - I want to ask if anyone knows if this is safe to use since it is syncing bank details.

Yeah I’ll let @Taylor_Finta chime in with more details, but my understanding it that under the hood, Finta relies on Plaid, a well-trusted API provider to facilitate secure access to financial accounts (e.g. Venmo uses this).

That’s correct @Nick_HE ,

The Finta Pack uses Plaid to fetch banking data to sync to your Coda destination. The only time the data is fetched is when the Coda sync table initiates a sync. Also, none of the financial data is stored within Finta’s database.

The tokens needed to access the Plaid data are stored encrypted. Even if someone was able to hack the database somehow, they still wouldn’t be able to access any data because the keys needed to use those tokens are stored in a completely separate location.


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