Is it possible to dynamically change column headings?

Hello Codans,

I work in a bilingual environment (English and French) and with partner organizations who speak on or the other language.
Up until now, when creating tools, I have been naming column headings in both languages (eg: Nom :: Name). This works fine when the names are fairly short but when trying to use explicit headings (eg: Communauté de mise en oeuvre :: Implementation community), the heading becomes quite long.

Without having to create two separate tables (one French, one English) and then combining under a single one, is it possible in CODA to change dynamically the headings?

Say for example a user selects French (through button or toggle), the headings across tables will show in that specific language. Obviously, I will need to create a table with language equivalences.

Is there a way of interacting with the headings in tables or the structure of a table?

Many thanks in advance for your insights.

Not possible, sorry. You can simulate something like this with a separate table for the headers, and align them one above the other, but it is very cumbersome, won’t work on mobile and is generally a bad approach.

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