Is it possible change table, view, layout with buttons?

I’m a beginner to CODA.

We are making tables in the form of dictionaries.
And I put content in many languages.
And if I choose a language, I want to print only the contents of the selected language.

And I’ve thought of a possible way.

  1. Change the layout.
  2. Change the view or table.
  3. Each time a language is selected, the language value of the current item is copied and substituted into the output value.
  4. When I choose a language, I substitute the contents of all items into the contents of the selected language.

I think about this much.

And when I searched in this community, I saw a reply that was divided into two pages, a table, and a view, and processed by language.

But I want this to happen on the current page.

Is this still impossible?

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Hi @anon37376578,

You can achieve what you want in many different ways.

Here’s one:


The back data is divided into rows by language, which is a little different from what I thought, but it’s okay to do that.

Anyway, thank you for let me know.

I think I know what you mean and have created a 2nd version of the translation within the same document. The v2 may feel more familiar to people coming from excel and seems to have more advantages: It’s easier to introduce data and you only need two tables, instead of 3.

But you can see that the v2 formula is more complex and difficult to maintain and furthermore, that structure will seriously limit what you can achieve with Coda.

Stick with the first version even if it feels less familiar, you will not regret it in the long run!

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I solved it by creating output text box and language-specific text boxes and inserting text box value for selected languages into the output text box using IF statements.

Well, if there’s a lot of data later, there may be performance problems, but I’m going to use it like this until then.

Thank you for your advice.

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