How to develop docs in multiple languages?

Hello Codans,

Has anyone found a way to filter out columns dynamically, via filter or formula?

Most of the documents I develop are bilingual (English and French) and I’d like to be able to filter a table depending on the language selected by the user (via a toggle or checkbox).
For example, I created a Status table with the following values: Completed, Blocked, Delayed, Dropped, Idea, etc and the equivalent terms in French in an adjacent column named ‘Statut’.
What I want to achieve is to show values in only one language depending on the selection, either ‘Status’ for English or ‘Statut’.

Alternatively, is it possible to populate a drop down list with values from a column in another table depending on condition, ie. value in adjacent column in the referenced table?

Thanks in advance

hi @Gerardo_Ducos ,

maybe this blog provides some inspiration. it is about forms. You cannot hide columns on command with a function.

cheers, Christiaan

Thanks for your reply Christian. Indeed, the blog article provides some interesting avenues. I often peruse your articles in Medium but missed that one.

It would be awesome if CODA stopped being a US-centric platform and embraced diversity from date and currency formats to quasi-localization solutions. It’s really tricky working in more than one language in Coda because you have to make everything double or have very long column names.

Thanks again!


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