Translate text into User Language based on User (formula)

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Our bi-national company is bilingual in English and Spanish. I would like to have the text on pages to switch to their language based on the user. This would primarily be used in the Company Wiki & SOP pages - all in the same doc. I am guessing adding a column in the team roster of their language and pull that into the formula…?

As a bonus, a button to have the option to change back to the original language.

I am new to Coda, so I only got this far…

Thank you for any suggestions.

Have you thought about using the built in Chrome translation functionality?

Really cool idea! While it would be a big undertaking to make this happen - you can definitely do it.

Have users table in your document (you can automate this by using the Doc Explorer pack and the Doc Access table) and ensure there is a select list column on that table with two selections

  1. English
  2. Spanish

Then, on a backend page, write a formula that draws out the current user from that table like:

You can then name that formula “currentUser”

Now, you can reference that formula anywhere in your doc.

So you can then, in a formula write

If(currentUser.language = Spanish, Hoy es jueves, Today is Thursday)

I’d recommend not using the google translate pack where you can manually translate. Packs are just slower to return results as opposed to native formulas so it can make for a clunkier experience in this one regard.

But, if you have large sops in columns, that’s a good place to use the translation pack and then use one last formula column to show/hide the Spanish information.

Let me know if you need more clarity!

There’s some similar principles in this video in case it helps

Hello Piet,

Most people will be using a remote device… such as their phones or iPads. Server-side process seems to be a better solution.

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HI Scott,

This looks great for some things, let me check out the usage.
Thank you!