Is it possible to have images/videos as part of form questions?


Not the ability to upload images/videos as form responses.
But the ability to for the forms to not just be text, but also images/videos?
Like what google forms offers.


Hey there!

You can definitely input images into a published form via formulas. Heres an example of a published form that has an image → Form with Image

In the form itself, I made one of the columns pull in an image via the image() formula and utilizing the images URL. Forms aren’t as flexible as Google Forms in that regard, but you can input images to use as a reference like in my example above

Hopefully that helps some!


Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir ,

so grateful to have found your answer to this question! Unfortunately, though, I cannot get this to work for the life of me. Could you kindly walk me through in detail how you set this up?

I’ve created a table with three columns:

  1. Name, column type text
  2. Image-Test, column type Image-URL, auto-populated with the hardcoded formula =image(“man ice skiing on hill photo – Free Austria Image on Unsplash”)
    (the URL refers to a random unsplash picture)
  3. Image-Test2, column type text, auto-populated with the same hardcoded formula as above

Neither of these display as a picture on my form, however (see screenshot)

Would you have any advice for me, this is driving me crazy :wink:

Thanks so much,

Hey Nina! Not sure how sensitive the form/doc is, but could you share a link with me or share a link of a copied doc with sensitive info gone?? Glad to help you out!

Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir , thanks so much for your response. I’ve just created a sample doc, thanks so much for taking a look at this, I greatly appreciate it!


Thanks Nina! Unfortunately Im getting a you need access button =[

Just requested access which you can grant in your email, or change sharing settings on the Coda doc itself.

Hey Nina,

Just went ahead and looked at your doc for a bit. You are definitely on the right track and did everything correct! I believe the issue is with your image link itself. The links you are using aren’t actually connected to any images (or the images are private/restricted???).

Heres a copy of your doc wherein all I did was change the image links to URLs I know are valid at VOILA. It works.

Go ahead and try out these links (that are valid) in your doc and you should see it work.

@Scott_Collier-Weir ,

thank you so much, you are truly a lifesaver! It was driving me up the wall that I couldn’t get this to work. Hmm, using image-URLs that actually work… one might have thought that would have been number one on my list to check for :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Thanks for saving me from myself :wink:

For others reading this, I’m summarizing the steps as follows:

It is possible to create a form that displays several static images.

Use case might be to check a recipient’s knowledge on a certain topic.

The set-up is as follows:

Step 1) Image-URL

Obtain a valid image-URL to the source of the image, eg

Step 2) Set up the table headers

Bear in mind that you will need to enter all data, that you wish the form to display, in the column headers.

The reason for this is that a form aims to receive information, not display it.

In this case, however, where you want the form to provide a more interactive experience, you will have to set up the columns accordingly so that the content will be displayed on the form.

Take a look at the attached Coda doc for further details on the table’s set-up.

Note that the image-column is set up as column type “Image-URL” and that it is hardcoded with the following formula:

Step 3) Edit the form’s layout

Et Voilá, your form now displays static images.

Big shout out to Scott Weir, for helping me out so generously and promptly to get this to work!

Link to the sample doc for further info: