Is it possible to target users currently in doc via a formula?

I’d love to be able to generate a list of users who are currently using/viewing the doc. Is there a formula for such a thing? Perhaps a hidden formula?

This would add a ton of utility to our docs that we use for day to day rituals. Folks naturally open up the Coda doc associated with any of our given meetings, but I have to have them “Check in” and “Check out” to get an accurate list of who is in attendance.

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Hi Alice, my name is Maggie and I am part of Coda’s Success Team - nice to virtually meet you!

My teammate showed me the IsSignedIn() formula that can show you if someone if logged into Coda - not sure this is exactly what you are looking for but it is a fairly secret formula :slight_smile:

We use the done reading button / reaction in our team meetings here at Coda, which you can use formulas to then turn into a list, if needed. I am curious to hear what else you might want from this data and if we can come up with a better solution!

Our team is here for brainstorming and optimizing in Coda, let me know if you would prefer to set up a call to talk through things.

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Thank you Maggie! I’ll give that formula a try. I intend to use it across some docs we use to facilitate live meetings, like stand ups, retros, and task grooming sessions. I’d prefer the IsSignedIn() formula to over asking users to press a button because it removes one extra step on their part.

Thank you again!

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