Is their a VIEW showing Parent & Child records

So far, all my docs use Table and Kanban views, so I guess I have not learned about detailed views yet.
I will go study that, but right now I am stuck needing a VIEW that I have not seen anywhere in the documentation

The user can navigate through the Parent records down the side. For each one, they see the Parent record details on the top and below; a list of the Child records linked to it.

Like this…

Is there a pre-built view like this, or do I have to make this using a more complex technique?


How did you define parent-child relation?

If by Lookup column in Tasks table, create lookup column in Projects table with formula similar to this: [DB Tasks].Filter(Project=thisRow).

Then add this column to Details view of Projects table and set it to be displayed as a table.

@Andrei_Kharlanov, thanks!

The magic words were “display as table” !
Hadnt known that


So it WORKS, great…


The LAYOUT only uses 50% of the screen width !!
And none of the editing options seems to be able to change this !
I need to be able to display a LOT of data, not just a few scrunched over to the left !

Am I missing something?

Help! (Again)

Hi @Xyzor_Max.
To expand the table view you can go to the Doc Settings (the cogwheel at the top right) and then to Page Options. Here you can toggle Content Alignment to Wide.

alas, it IS set to WIDE, but the view is squashed over to the left of the page!

I have kinda solved this where for every project I have 2 buttons, one that shows active tasks, ordered by next actions then by due date and completed tasks

They are merged together on a list that I can see or not depending on the button setting that changes label by formula.

The approach needed to solve the same issue you have is to have different tables Projects with their su projects and dependencies and Tasks on a different table.

I post a screencapture so you can see how it works for me when I need more screen estate.

The arrow button show the active tasks related to the project, the 3 dots show the already completed ones.

I hope that this will help you for a better doc / tables planning

Hello Giacomo,

Did you manage to publish your template already?

I would be really interested to understand how you managed to indent all the tasks.

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I don’t know if Giacomo used this, but here’s a reference to a technique for creating foldable table rows: