Is there a reason why Views have to have a unique name?

I understand why a Table has to have a unique name, due to formulas and relations and all that so you don’t end up with 8 “Projects” tables in your list when you go to add relations and such.

But is there a reason why Views seem to have the same requirement? I’m trying to make a “template” canvas that will be used by a canvas column in all new rows in my table. In this “template” I have a View of another table with a filter and all that. But for some reason I can’t just name it “Tasks View” or something like that and have it be named that in the canvas of every row that uses it. They each get a unique name and I can’t reuse a name I’ve already used.

Maybe there’s a reason I’m just not thinking of, but I’m just curious why this requirement exists. It seems unnecessarily limiting.


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Yes, there is.

You can link layouts to a view, so that when you open a row in a modal view, you can specifify the view to use.

For example, in some of my docs, I use buttons to add entries to a task list. In the example below, I add a meeting. But I only want the columns relevant to meetings to be included in the screen that opens:

Meetings is a view of the table TodoList.


Hi Piet,

This is interesting to me. Could you elaborate on what you mean about linking layouts to a view? I think that might potentially be something I’ve been trying to figure out how to do…


There is a little bit more info about OpenRow() and how it works in this post @Michael_Forsman :innocent:

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Just like you can reference base tables in your formulas, you can reference views. The benefit it gives is that you access a pre-filtered dataset (e.g., if you have a view My Tasks, then [My Tasks].Count() will properly calculate only the number of rows visible in that view)

This, and then OpenRow() too.

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I see. Thanks for helping explain this guys!

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