Is there a way hide columns by interactive filter?

My case is

Here is Master table

Use interactive filter to choose Categories and Evalution , and display evalution slider columns.

If Evalution is only one selection, such as New ideas ,and then display slider columns, Otherwise hide slider columns. Bcz different evalution has different slider columns.

If it can’t hide columns, I have to create so many tables for every Categories and every Evalution selection.

Such as, 5 Categories x 4 Evalutions = 20 tables. It spend a lot of Objects. :sweat_smile:
and more complex.

If handle all datas in only one table, that’s so convenient.


There is a image .

How to use this Column ID ?

I found in Excel can hide columns by VBA.

Will Coda add this feature to against Excel ? :smiley:

Is there another way , such as CSS in Stylus or JS in Tampermoney to implement hide column base on a cell value.



I found in Gsheet also have interactive filter , and there’s no any objects limited.

I’ll create my app in Gsheet first , and then try to do it in Coda.

Accutally , I want to use Coda.



That would be just great ! It will also give a performance improvement.

Quote from “Optimizing slow formulas in your doc

Reduce number of views: In some docs, the number of views is so large that the filters and conditional formats on all those views take too long to calculate even if no individual column in the table is slow. This is not usually an issue for docs with several dozen views but we’ve seen docs with much higher numbers of views where the views themselves took 10-20 seconds to recalculate each time the data in the doc changed.


Dynamically Show/Hide Column?


Hi Steve,

It would be nice if you add this to the suggestion box of the community. I am very interested in this feature too for so many reasons.


Thank you @Stefan_Stoyanov suggest my looks like similar suggestion post to move it to suggestion box.

Oh ! Look , That’s the Nested suggestion. Interesting. :crazy_face: