Is there anyway to PRINT a page on open modal view

Hello . I am currently looking for a way to print a page that I open from a row (with a view layout)

Everytimes I tried to print, the system will show sample page of the page i’m currently working on , not the modal view from a row.


Hey @Korn_Tris ! While this is not currently possible, we are tracking a feature request for this. I’ve gone ahead and added your vote to our feature request tracker. I have also moved this post into our Suggestion Box so other members of the Community can join in on the conversation! We apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime.

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Thanks a lot. I hope this feature Will be added in the future so we could kale a lot of use

Being able to print pages, sub pages and even rows from a table would be extremely useful.
I like to do all things digital, but there are times when a physical piece of paper is needed, or the digital equivalent pdf file.

Please make this a priority.

I’m also adding my vote and voice to this. Working on a recipe management system and being able to print the modal view would be a huge win.

I dont know if anyone notice but coda can print migdal view on pc

Through the kebab menu top-right in your modal, you have access to a print/pdf option:

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