Japanese search doesn't work properly

We’re considering Coda, but we are in Tokyo and Japanese search would need to work. Note,

  • the ability to enter Japanese in the docs and tables is no problem, which is fine
  • we don’t need the UI in Japanese

Rather, I’m talking specifically about Coda’s ability to search content entered in Japanese. From my experience, search engines need to be tweaked to allow search of Chinese, Japanese and Korean (aka CJK languages), because they don’t use latin spaces between words or phrases.

With apologies to Natsume Soseki, if I have the phrase “I am a cat”:


… in a table record, I can search the first part of the string “wagahai” 我が輩 but not say, “neko” 猫.

If I enter the string like this:

我が輩 は 猫 である

… with spaces between the words, you can successfully search on each. That’s no workaround, though, because nobody enters Japanese like that. I don’t know Chinese or Korean, but it appears that there are no latin spaces used in those two languages, either.

I’ve set up https://fusejs.io/ for instance, for some static websites, and you have to send it the “tokenize” option, to have it index the Japanese phrases properly. It’s one option you set in the config file, and suddenly search just starts working.

I wonder, could someone on team Coda kindly look into whether it would be possible to flip the switch on searching CJK languages, in whatever search engine you’re using?

Appreciate your consideration.

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