The new editor broke Chinese

Coda had some light issues with pinyin input for a few years now. Pinyin is the phonetic input method used in Mainland China and it relies on a on-screen suggestion list of characters that the user chooses from as they type phonetically.

The issue is that when typing inside a cell, Coda would automatically select for you the first suggested character after typing only one letter.

As annoying as this is, at least before the new editor one could hit backspace to delete the selected wrong character, start over, and it would work. Now when you start over Coda stubbornly keeps auto-selecting characters.

I have had over 10 colleagues complain about this over the past few days as the update got rolled out. This bug has been raised many times before with not a line of acknowledgement from the Coda team:

Mar-2019: Small bug in pinyin entry for Chinese characters
Apr-2020: There is a bug while typing Chinese!
Feb-2021: Support for Simplified Chinese


Hi @Nad - Thank you for this report. Our team has processed this as a bug and will report back as soon as we have an update.


We are having similar issues with Japanese input.

Hi @steph! Thanks for the update.

If it helps the team, I noticed the following: On chrome, the bug doesn’t seem to happen in the canvas, or when typing in any table column type that has a drop-down box (Select list,Lookup, People,…). It only and consistently happens when typing into Text cells.

However, I also received some anecdotal reports from colleagues that they do encounter it in the canvas on Safari (I didn’t test this myself).

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Happy to report that this bug seems to have been fixed as of today! Thanks @steph and team.

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