Chinese input dissappears!

chinese input just vanishes after input, the only is to copy and paste text into the doc or the tables!

Just tried and Chinese input works as usual for us here. Are you using the standard pinyin input method? Some colleagues in the past experienced similar issues and they caused by external pinyin keyboard apps not playing nice (eg. 搜狗输入法).

Hi Nad, thanks for the super quick response, actually i use the GOOGLE INPUT TOOLS , chrome extension for input. its the official multilingual tool from google… im using the cantonese input…

Google Input Tools - Chrome Web Store

Ok, I am not familiar with Google Input Tools - but my suggestion would be to first disable these and use instead the default input method provided by your operating system. MacOS and Windows both provide a Cantonese (Traditional) input method. if these works fine (as they do for me), then the issue is probably with the Google Input Tools and not with Coda.
for reference: I am using the standard pinyin keyboard on Mac Os and run coda in Chrome, and I have no issues.

ok thanks yes i confirm i can use chinese input without any issues on the windows native keyboard input… the chrome extension is having issues. thanks

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