JIRA Pack: JQL or additional filter for importing


I started testing Coda, and so far loving it! thanks a lot.
Using JIRA pack, I found it interesting, however due to the project we have here (3,5K issues), it’s not loading properly.
I have only an option to use specific project and label, not a JQL (or ignoring “old” issues, for example).
Is it possible to add it? Either JQL option as a filter (in order to ignore old resolved issues), or specific option for that.
Thank you!


+1! We have thousands of issues and loading them all to process in coda will make the document very heavy. Would be great to have an ability to fetch only the necessary ones with JQL.


Right now sync is failing a lot, and work can’t be managed.
Since we have already “label” as a filter for sync, that shouldn’t be complex.
Any ETA or workaround? Perhaps ignoring older than XX months resolved?
Ty! Great product, btw!

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Hello @Adriano_Carvalho, @Andrei_Doktoroff,

We rolled out a change to the Jira pack yesterday that adds a new Sync Option in the Jira pack called " JQL QUERY". As the name implies, you specify an arbitrary query in there!

Here’s an example that illustrates its usage.


Does this help? Would love to know your thoughts!



You guys rock!! I’ll try it very soon! Thanks a lot!

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Just to let you know, my first test it did work! I appreciate what you guys are doing! :smiley:
One suggestion (it didn’t impact my use at all): I added project, and then added JQL.
After I finished the configuration and went to sync, it failed due to both options used, and provided me proper answer (to choose either).
It did work as expected, but a small enhancement would be to get this information as soon as we try to configure it.
As I said, not a big deal at all, just cosmetics.

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Awesome to hear that it worked @Adriano_Carvalho. And thanks for taking it for a spin.

Agree :100: with you on the enhancement suggestion; noted in our bug tracker.


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We just added some instructions for using JQL in the Jira pack sync options. Let us know if it’s helpful!


Great news! Tested it straight away and works as expected! Great work guys, pleasantly surprised with your pace of work and feature focus. Keep it up)

Love the JQL addition!

Slightly unrelated, when a custom field shares the name of a standard field, it seems like only one of the fields with the name gets synced and it’s not necessarily the standard one.

To clarify, on a particular project we had people who had added a second “Status” field which was empty. In turn when I was syncing issues, it was pulling the empty custom “Status” field rather than the default JIRA one.

To resolve the issue we had to delete the custom field, after that it synced the correct (only remaining) one.