Is anyone able to use the jira pack at scale?

I’ve been trying to use the jira pack to interface with our atlassian jira for cloud instance and the sync engine seems to get into a lather if the jira project I’m syncing with has more than 1000 or so tickets. It simply “syncs forever” and never completes, with many of the URLs it’s trying to fetch coming back 404 (but not all of them, which is what makes it harder to debug). I’ve tried adding JQL to limit the sync but this hasn’t really helped - I’ve yet to have a sync successfully complete, even after letting it run for days.

Any thoughts on how to debug this?


I’ve had the pack tables sync for a long time (1 min) but never that long
And I’ve defintiely synced over 1000 rows.

Can you set any other optional parameters in the sync settings to potentially limit the number of rows it’s attempting to sync?

You may want to reach out to Coda support (using the question mark button at the bottom of the Coda doc) as they might be able to troubleshoot your specific case in more detail.

Thanks, I’ve reached out to coda support - I thought I would ask the community first but I think in this case, it’s going to require more dedicated debugging!

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