Reducing # fields from Jira

I’m using the Jira pack to sync issues into my document. My organization has a large number of custom fields in our Jira project (200+). I only use/need ~20 of them. But the Jira pack seems to sync all the fields available to it. The problem this presents is that a) My doc is much larger than it needs to be, resulting in slower performance; b) Syncs take a long time; and c) I get errors such as “one or more rows is too large to sync”.

Is there any way to tell the Jira pack which fields to sync, rather than for it to sync all of them (which is what it appears to do)?

Hi Jason,

I am part of the Coda Success Team, here to help with building and optimizing docs :slight_smile: Great to hear you have tried out the Jira Pack and excited to find a solution to get your doc more performant and lessen sync times.

In the Jira Pack Sync settings, make sure you are selecting the right Account and Project name, and then add the “Fields” criteria - this should do the trick . If you use the “Summary” option, it should bring in the “Summary” field + the other general fields instead of the many custom ones that you are mention probably don’t want. You can always add in specific fields you may want to include!

If it would be helpful to hop on a call and walk through this together, let me know! Our team is here to help.


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