Custom Coda Pack Sync Problem only in a specific document

Hey Codans,

I have a problem with my custom pack for Jira. I don’t understand why the data is not refreshing only in a specific document. I tried running it in different doc and it worked just fine.

As you can see the connection is established but I waited for more than 25 mins and it’s still showing the loading stage with a “Starting sync…” status.

I also tried to run a doc with ?nocalc with a hope that formulas are affecting it, but no luck.

I also tried adding “cacheTtlSecs: 0” to the fetcher, no luck

Thank you!

Another interesting observation, is that the “Sync Now” button is disabled

But the refresh icons on the table preview and custom refresh buttons are working

Hi @Farid_Sabitov - That’s very odd, and not something I’ve come across before. I’d suggest opening a ticket with Code support and sharing your doc with them, and they can route it to an engineer that can peer into the internals of your specific doc and hopefully get to the root cause.

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Will do! Now after some time, I checked the doc back again and it worked. Will share a ticket to support if this problem will occur again, thank you!

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The same problem happened to me again. Will submit a support ticket as Eric suggested