Jira not syncing custom fields?

I’ve just started exploring the Jira Pack (and customizing Jira itself), but am having issues getting Coda to sync any of my custom fields from Jira. It seems that no matter what I set the fields to in Jira, Coda only syncs the same default fields / columns:

Where as my “Estimated Time Remaining” or other custom columns are not syncing - can anyone point me in the right direction? Do the fields need additional settings in Jira to sync with Coda?

Thanks in advance!

I just found my answer - rather than deleting this question, I figured I’ll respond in case anyone else ends up being silly like me - Coda’s pack prebuilds your columns, but you can easily add new ones based on the data in Jira by creating a new column and choosing the “Issue” type, then selecting from the data sync’ed with Jira.