Launched: Coda 2.0, a simpler, cleaner, and faster doc for teams

We’re extremely excited to introduce Coda 2.0, a simpler, cleaner, and faster doc for teams.

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Simpler, Cleaner, Faster

We simplified the most common interactions into easy filters and conditional formats, with no formulas required.

Even better, we turned our favorite building block compositions into drag-and-drop templates , and made them available right inside your doc. Now a teammate can add a topic voting table faster than you can say “show of hands.”

The visual refresh technically started back in July when we released a fresh new canvasーwith fewer shadows and more space to think and plan. And it continues today with centering for readability and section headers to frame information more clearly.

Coda overall is also faster and more responsive, thanks to a ton of performance improvements . You’ll notice scrolling, calculations, and section-switching are all speedier.

Now, on to the newer, bigger things…

Workspace and folders ー Learn more

We saw a lot of makers and teams quickly outgrow their doc lists. With dozens of docs, shared among different teams, it became hard to organize all their Coda docs in a simple list. Today we’re launching workspaces and folders so you can now create the right space for all your team’s docs.

You can think of folders like shared doc lists. So when someone joins the team, rather than add them to every doc one by one, just add them to the team folder and they’ll get access to all of that folder’s docs automatically. You’ll also see a “My Docs” folder, which is your private working area. When you’re ready to deploy a doc to your team, simply drop it into the team folder.

Doc Locking ー Learn more

Coda 2.0 also includes Locking at the doc and section level, so teams can ensure important information stays put - no longer can everyone edit everything, you can specify which parts of a doc are editable by everyone.

Cross-doc ー Learn more

We built Packs to integrate Coda with the other apps your team uses. Interestingly, the number one Packs request wasn’t for another service, it was for another Coda doc. Cross-doc lets you pull data from one doc into another, so you can retain that ever-elusive single source of truth.

Cross-doc is no simple thing, and consider this a first iteration. We expect this building block in particular will likely reshape how you organize information in Coda. Instead of one megadoc with views for every team, you could now have one Coda doc for the master data set, feeding into separate team docs.

Multiple Browser Support

We heard you - Chrome-only support was so Coda 1.0. We now have cross-browser support, and work on most major browsers including Safari, Edge and Firefox (in Beta).

Pricing - We call it Maker Billing

We’re also introducing three paid plans of Coda today, along with a very generous free tier - so you can get started, and even build a doc as powerful as an app, for free - whether it’s a to-do list, a meeting doc, or a wiki. As your docs evolve into bona-fide team tools, you’ll want to level up to a Pro, Team, or Enterprise plan.

We’ve taken an unconventional approach to pricing, which is fairer and less expensive than traditional models. Most of our competitors charge for everyone using a doc, even those who only touch it lightly. We only charge you for the people who make the docs. We call it Maker Billing. Learn more here.


Yes Yes Yes :tada: :grin: :tada: !!!

Thank you very much to the Codan’s Team :grin: :+1: !!!


Congratulations BUT pricing scheme isn’t understandable at all. You said you added some credits to already created account - but I cannot figure out where to see current limits/costs :confused:


Finally. You could have just announced pricing and nothing else and it would be reason to go to 2.0. Lack of pricing was the single factor that forced us to use Airtable for work. Now bringing a superior platform in to an established solution using Airtable may be difficult. But for most its nothing but good.


Doc size limitations for the free tier—bearing in mind that the docs are still stored on Google Drive—are extremely disheartening to say the least.


Hi @Sayantan_Chaudhuri,

To be clear, we do not store Coda docs in Google Drive. All we put in Google Drive is a file stub, file ACLs (access controls), and a partial rendering of the doc which enables GDrive search to index file contents. Coda docs are authoritatively stored in our backend system running on AWS.



Oh, I see. Makes sense.

The limits are still disheartening though. The values themselves, rather.

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Hey @ASOPlay_Team, have you seen our new pricing page? We have a calculator on there to help you understand how much Coda would cost for you or your team.

As for credits, you may have gotten an email from us with the details. If not, you’ll see your account’s credits on the payment page when you go to upgrade your workspace. Hope that helps!

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Please explain if Admin role user will count as maker doc role, and if is possible to a admin to act as maker doc without needing to leave admin role.
In my case i will have just me as doc maker and 2 editor, but i want to use doc sync pack.
Many questions araise:
1- I will need to have team plan?
2- I will need to configure me as admin or as doc maker? Admin will have power to make and setup docs too?
3 - If I need to configure me as doc maker in question 2, who will be the admin? I will need to include a forth person?

So what happens to my docs that already have more that 1000 rows?

Hi @Ademar_Arvati_Filho,

Yes, the Admin role is a Doc Maker with additional abilities to manage the workspace and its members.

  1. To use Cross Doc (the doc sync pack you’re mentioning), you would have to upgrade to Team. However, most other packs that are at the higher tiers include a Free quota of actions per month (you can see these at and clicking through each of the packs)
  2. You would probably want to be an Admin
  3. Admins are Doc Makers

Let me know if you have other questions!

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From the purchase page.

$12.00/Doc Maker/month

Paid monthly

1 Doc Maker $12 / user / month
Members who create docs

0 Free Editors (out of 2) $0 / user / month
You get 2 Editors included per Doc Maker

0 Additional Editors $6 / user / month
Editors beyond your free quota

Founders Credit -$15
Thank you for believing in Coda!

Applied credit $3.00

A couple of questions.

Why the $6 charge for 0 Additional Editors?
Is the Founders Credit permanent?
What is the total monthly payment?


I just saw that this transition takes place December 1. So only 5 weeks to pay up or lose write access if over limits?

Hi @Tom_Brennan,

  1. Why the $6 charge for 0 Additional Editors?

Sorry if this is confusing. It means you would pay $6 for each additional editor. Since you have 0 additional editors, you would pay $0 for that item. If you hover over the “$6 / user / month,” you’ll be able to see the total that you would pay for that.

  1. Is the Founders Credit permanent?

The founders credit is a one-time use for being an early Coda user :slight_smile:

  1. What is the total monthly payment?

The total monthly payment should show at the bottom of that invoice page under “Due today.” Let me know if that isn’t the case for you! If you have more credit than the total amount due, it will say “Applied credit” with the amount of credit that you will have remaining.


There is no Due Today line item when monthly is selected. Only what I posted above.

Hi @Nazarii_Vovk,

Docs that are currently over the limits on the pricing page will have a grace period (until December 1st, 2019) where they will continue working just fine. After that, if they are still over the limits, they will be come read-only. You can bring those docs under the limits by deleting rows and they will remain usable.

Hi @Tom_Brennan,

Just edited my reply to account for that, sorry to miss that!

The “Applied credit” means you have more credit than the total amount due with the amount of credit leftover that will be applied to your account.

In this case, you would pay $0 for the month and have a leftover $3 for your next payment. If you hover over the “i” circle icon, it will give you more information about the credit as well.

Hey @BenLee
My situation is next: I have only 1 doc that is about 450 rows, I have a couple of section with tables and formulas to manage my tasks, projects and clients, all together the object count is 140 form 50 (on free plan). I’m using docs just by myself, I don’t have a team. It makes no sense for me to pay 10$ per month to just be able to use 1 doc. Since cros doc is only on team package its also not an option. Basically with this pricing you’ll make me quit using coda. Can you make an option to pay per doc, like 1 time payment?


Hi guys,
happy to see Coda coming out of the woods and proposing paying tiers.
As I just closed my company, the team plan does not seem very interesting to me, and way to expensive for me.
I am a bit disappointed the the cross doc is not on the pro tier.
And I wonder if it makes sense to have packs that are only on the team plans…
Then, the about the free tier, I wonder if the doc limits are not making coda useless for many use case.
As a game designer, I think Coda is vey useful in its basic use of writing wiki style doc, with one section per important entity with a bits of pictures, maybe a few tables to list some stuff, but with the current limits (50 objects, 1000 rows per table) that is exactly why I stopped using Notion, because I very quickly reached the limitations of the free plan…
In My opinion, you miss a lot of opportunities there to reach a large audience that need something like this and not willing to pay at some point, but might become clients later.
Anyway, you have probably studied your market carefully. Just saying… and hoping you might reconsider this someday :slight_smile:


@Nazarii_Vovk, we don’t have a 1 time fee option. I think you’ll find that the $10 /month really isn’t much at all for what you get in return. If you haven’t tried packs, you’ll get the Google packs in that tier as well, Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts. These have been really powerful features for me, and they set up with a click, no API programming needed.

I do hope you give it a try! It’s really only the price of 2 or 3 cups of coffee for the month.

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I agree with others. The pricing model is outrageously expensive. We use CODA daily for time tracking and project management. However, the cost for a team of 30+ people is hard to justify.

CODA definitively needs a sustainable pricing model, but IMHO this is not it. I fear they might be pricing themselves out of the competition, which also concerns me.