Launched: Google Translate Pack [PRO]

We’ve added a new Google Translate Pack for Pro tier customers.

The quickest way to check it out is to use the “Translation Table” drag and drop template. Let us know what you think and how you’re using it below :slight_smile:.


That’s cool but I use Deepl since a while, as Google translate is weak compared to it.

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Hi Glenn,

Would be great to have this with Deepl’s superior translation quality!

Kind regards,

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This is no doubt a cool feature and Im always glad to see new things being added to Coda. On the other hand, launching this before a proper file attachments feature or pack is also frustrating to see.
Im sure there are people that are more translation focused than we are and Im still happy they are getting their feature.

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And also a pdf export pack ! That can allow us for example to send monthly reports by mail, or save them to google drive…
I hope these are coming soon ! :pray::pray::pray:

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