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Hi all,

two months ago I was building an app called Scratchr (as in Grindr for cats) and a website in Coda for a local animal protection NGOs in my hometown. It was supposed to be a site that any local or a tourist can open to learn about and donate money. This site needed translation to multiple languages.

Since I got grant from Maker Fund to build another template, I decided to make my life hard. I’ve spent hours upon hours building and perfecting a tool for Coda doc internationalisation. Then I used it to create the website for Scratchr. I also used it successfuly (and saved quite a lot time) to translate large legal documents from English to Croatian for my startup’s new website (which is not built on Coda).

Anyways, now that I used it successfuly for it’s purpose, it just collects dust. So, I decided to give it away now for free to anyone who asks for it.

It’s perfect for:

  • internationalising your coda doc
  • automatically translating large chunks of text to multiple languages
  • managing translations / automatic or manual

Imagine it as a combination of Weglot and Google Translate that you can just import into your doc, or create a doc from a scratch(r) with it.

Here is a quick walktrough:

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Thank you so much for sharing! Never expected Coda is able to achieve this.

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Very nice, Tomislav :slight_smile:

Not sure if it was really worth the time to create this for professional purposes, but it seems like a good Coda gymnastics. Lovely playable!

It would’ve been great if Coda was in fact useful for such community websites.

PS: As a professional from the localisation industry, I would not encourage anyone to rely on an automatic translation engine if they expect to generate business from this locale.

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Thanks Stefan.

Actually I found it very useful for translating large legal documents. First automatic translation by Google, and then manual review. It saved me a lot of time because google translation was actually very good. I guess it works best with longform. I also made it easy to review and manually edit translations.
You should try it!

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Did a professional legal translator check the text? In the industry what you did is called machine-translation + post-editing. Usually a professional changes about 30% of the content even if it’s done with a trained NMT (neuro-machine translation) + glossary + TD (terminology database). So I would be very surprised if the translation you got would serve you well in legal disputes.

You are right about legal translations. I shouldn’t have mentioned that part, as a regular speaker of a language, I was satisfied by the translation of the long form document, and it required very little post editing.


@Tomislav_Mamic , thanks so much for sharing! What a cool set-up! Thanks also for providing the walk-through, super helpful to familiarize oneself with the doc. Excited to check it out in more detail soon!

All the best from neighboring Austria ;-), Nina

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Thanks Nina, let me know if you need help!

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