Launched: iCloud Shared Albums Pack

Hey everyone,

This one’s a little niche, but I put together a Pack to ingest photos from iCloud Shared Albums:

My main use case personally is to take any uploads to certain shared albums, and email them to non-Apple-having family members. But the sky’s the limit on what you can craft of course when integrating with other Packs and features.

How-to is here:

Hope someone finds it helpful :slight_smile:


Is it possible to write a Pack to access other aspects of iCloud? I thought Apple generally does not allow 3rd party iCloud integrations - is Albums an exception for some reason?

Nah, this isn’t even that icloudy. It just scrapes a publicly-posted iCloud gallery page. It doesn’t tie into iCloud internals at all unfortunately.

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Ahhh… now that makes sense. Thank you for the clarification.

Hi @Nick_HE! Thanks for creating and sharing this Coda Pack! I am running into an issue where a table pulling photos using the iCloud Shared Album pack needs to be synced fairly regularly (like multiple times in an hour). So far there’s only about a dozen photos, and I’m needing to add more for my active project. Any ideas for reducing the need to sync so frequently?

Hi @Jules_Monza , I’m not sure I quite understand - why do you currently need to sync so frequently? What happens if you don’t?

Amazing! Congrats on the launch

@nick_HE , the images don’t load/display. That’s why I’m needing to sync frequently. And it’s not just me; other doc users are needing to sync as well, though I’m not sure how frequently. I’ll try to find out.

Ah ok, must be something with how Apple caches the images / changes up the URLs after a short time. I’ll look into this.