Launched: Logarithmic Scales for Charts

I know we wish we were all looking at fewer graphs with exponential curves these days, but we hope this update will help our friends with a mind for data visualization. Now, when you turn a table into a chart you can set the scale to logarithmic for data sets where it may be helpful to show percent change or multiplicative factors. Logarithmic scale can also help when working with data that has skews to large values (e.g., where one or a few points are much larger than the bulk of your data).

To change the scale of your chart:

  1. Hover over your table or chart to expose and click on ‘Options’.
  2. Select ‘Chart’ from the right hand panel that opens.
  3. Choose ‘Chart Display’ and then scroll down to open ‘More Options’.
  4. Under ‘Vertical Axis Scale’ you should now see a choice to toggle between Linear or Logarithmic. This option may be labeled ‘Horizontal Axis Scale’ if your chart is oriented that way.


Enjoy, and thanks for your continued feedback!



This is very nice update! It’s good to know that you are still working on the graphics. I would be very interested in radar chart which is really missing from the list of charts.



It would be great to work also with negative values. Currently it works only with positive ones.

Something like this:

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