Launched: New Doc Creation Options

With so many options for what a Coda doc can become, we know that sometimes it’s hard to start from scratch. We’ve heard that it’s especially hard for your friends and colleagues who see the awesome doc you’ve built, and then wonder what to do with the blank surface in front of them when they try Coda for the first time.

That’s why we’ve updated the experience for users who click “+ New Doc” from their doc list. Now, when you go to start a new doc, you’ll see some options to get started:

  • You can still start with a blank doc
  • You can get started with some of our most popular use cases and templates
  • You can import data from your other tools and work from there

Tip: You can always type into your browser to quickly start a new, blank doc.

We hope these options make it easier for youーand your collaboratorsーto get started making with Coda.


The next step in this evolution that I would love to see: User-created templates! :muscle:


If I can suggest one more source For conversion, a way to convert an Airtable base to a coda base would be amazing. I have an Airtable base with 15 tables and the work of starting over in Coda is you daunting.

-Dean Moray

… yeah, I can’t echo how much User-created templates would change what we do for the better with Coda!