Launched: New sharing features (public sharing, embeds, comment-only permission)

Hi everyone -

New year, new features. We just enabled a few new features to help you show off your Coda docs to more people. Here’s a sneak peek!

Let us know what you think!



Excellent, excellent idea - huge thanks

I will explore over the next few days and give you feedback.

The implementation you show in the .gif looks great

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Finally! Thank you

By the way when will you publish pricing and start charging?


@Richard_Kaplan Thanks for your feedback through the process as well. Hope you like the feature!

Great! Can it be that via mobile device everyone has access to a coda doc or was this because I was logged in with google?

@thomas If your links are shared with the world, you can also view them on mobile devices!
If your link is not shared, it must be because you are logged in.

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Thanks @Kamil_Czaja.

We are still in the feedback stage, and haven’t created pricing yet, but rest assured that:

  • There will always be a free version - we think this is critical for the breadth of adoption we would like

  • We will give a lot of notice before introducing a paid tier, and we expect to have a particularly long grace period for beta users since people like you are providing such a valuable service in helping us build the right product

As a sidenote, we’d welcome input on pricing from early Beta testers - as you use the product, let us know if you have thoughts on the best structure!

Thanks @Angad was a little surprised as we are having a member only area in coda, linked on our website and everyone could see it then - or what is the standard setting?

@Thomas_Schulz The share dialog lets you specify exactly what access different people should have with the link. It works just like Google Drive but you can even set different permission levels for people who are from your company vs everyone else. In your case, it sounds like you want this:

FYI to test what it will look like to a logged out user, you can use an Incognito tab on your phone or compuer.

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got it, now I switched the doc back to private :slight_smile:

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I a just worried if you will survive till then. I am creating company processes in coda.

I would also to have feature where employees can put data but cannot edit columns (because this Mai ruin the whole app)

Thanks for replying

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With us the users would also be people who are not very formula guys, so we need them to stay away from messing up with the formulas. Yet, buttons, fill in forms are all good for them to use.

Also, it would be nice if different people can see different sections only too. That’s also privacy-wise.


@Stefan_Stoyanov thanks for your feedback. Agree that the ability to share only specific sections and lock down parts of your doc can be very useful and are both on our list of improvements.


Excellent! That would make it truly collaborative platform (despite the irony in restricting-to-collaborate idea :grinning:).

Thank you!


This is great! I can’t wait to try this!

About the play feature, could it be possible one day to record some results? It would be perfect for feature voting system, I would love this.


@Stefan_Stoyanov Totally agree, not all collaborators have the same role and permissions.

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@tomavatars thank you! yes it would be awesome to have some changes be saved and others not but unfortunately it’s all or nothing for now. The way to do voting right now would be to create an “Anyone can edit” link and then ask those users to sign up for Coda, at which point they’ll be able to edit. I agree it’s not ideal but hopefully it’s still better than having to invite everyone over email.

I am extremely excited about this news. I can’t wait to check out the functionality.

Thank you,



@Kamil_Czaja completely understand your concern about investing in a startup product, especially before a business model. We are lucky to be backed by some of the biggest investors and are in a very financially stable place. Our investors are confident in our business model due to the adoption we have already gotten at some of the biggest companies and have encouraged us to focus on making the product even better before having to worry about revenue. I’m biased but I personally have taken a bet on Coda having a bright future by coming to work here and can vouch for you to bet on it as well :slight_smile:

As for your other feedback, I completely agree that the ability to share only specific sections and lock down parts of your doc can be very useful and are both on our list of improvements.


Thank you! Can’t wait to see how you use it @CBArchuleta