Launched: New ways to integrate your toolstack into Coda

We’re excited to share three Coda updates with you that make Coda an even more powerful, integrated, all-in-one solution for your work.

1. Full-page embeds: Share content with context and make cross-functional partnerships easy

Introducing a new type of Coda page — a full-page embed. You can create a full-page embed by linking to a page in another Coda doc, or to your content in Miro, Mode, Figma, Google Sheets, Amplitude, and more. Give your team all the context they need to complete a workflow from start to finish, without constant tab and context switching.


Within your product team hub, you can now embed live, full pages of your customer journey map from Miro, the Figma mocks shared by the Design team to easily access and view the latest status, and your Mode dashboard tracking feature usage. No more constant tab switching or back-and-forth over Slack and email gathering content in different tools from your cross-functional partners.

Embedding content from other tools is just the beginning — you can also embed a page from another Coda doc. Working on a team with multiple weekly stand-ups for different features? Link the notes page for each meeting in your main product team hub so your team and cross-functional partners have all the context they need in one place.

Try out full-page embeds in your docs today, either from the New page option at the bottom of your sidebar or through the three dot menu on an existing page within a doc.

2. Pack cards: Context without the clutter

Pack cards offer a window into your other tools, providing the context and data you need—while saving your team another open tab. Instead of seeing confusing links or static screenshots, Pack cards automatically turn links into beautifully formatted cards that display the most important data at a glance and in real-time.

Total context without the recap.


When an idea from Slack turns into a full-fledged proposal, there’s no time to waste on context setting. Let a Pack card do the work for you. When you have the Pack installed, pasted links will transform into a Pack cards automatically.

Track bugs and open issues with live data.


Simplify bug tracking with live updates beamed into your doc from Jira. You can manage issues at a glance and get real-time updates when something changes.

Pack cards are now available for the Slack, Microsoft Teams, Github, Asana, Jira, Salesforce, Zoom, Google Calendar, Spotify, Wikipedia, and Weather Packs.

3. Updates to canvas embeds

We’re also dropping updates to the Mixpanel and Miro canvas embeds you already know and love.

Now, you can embed Mixpanel Boards in your Coda doc to bring analytics to the forefront of your team’s rituals. Quit switching tabs and start making data-driven decisions by combining your product data and documentation. See how the Mixpanel team recommends adding analytics into your team hub.

Finally, Coda now supports Miro view-only live embed. Sometimes you need your team to look, not touch. Miro view-only live embed comes with the collaboration tools hidden, so your team can more easily view the board, and consume information in a distraction-free environment. And as the name suggests, it updates in real-time. So when you make a change in Miro, you know your team is getting the latest in Coda.

We can’t wait to see how you leverage Coda’s new embed and pack capabilities to make your workflows even more powerful. Check out our Product team hub with embeds to get started.


Congratulations with one more epic feature! I love Coda, I told my whole company to use it and they’re happy with that too…

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Full-page embeds have been extremely valuable for my consulting work. I can keep using Coda as my go-to for project/team hub when working with clients while giving them the option to work with the apps/tools they’re most comfortable with. That way they can view/access their beloved Google spreadsheets directly from within our project hub. Win-Win.


This takes coda to the next level! :rocket:

I just put in a dropbox link to a publicly shared folder, and it is just giving me a generic web card with the folder name, rather then the actual page with the files. Are there best practices when using this to get sites like Dropbox to render fully?

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Nice Update Kelly !

Will we be able to click buttons inside embedded docs anytime soon?

Thank you, @Johg_Ananda!

Generally we’d advise reading through the documentation for the apps or site as sometimes they have specific embed links beyond the regular sharing link that are better supported.

We will also be monitoring responses here for any ways we can improve the experience in future updates.

Thanks @Harry_Roper!

While we can’t comment on timelines, it is something on our radar. If you have an example of what it’ll help you accomplish, we’d love to better understand that as it’ll inform future updates.

Lucky you!

My company is an entrenched Microsoft haus!

Coda BLOWS AWAY SharePoint and the majority of the other wares they have (cough) “MS Loop”? HAH! :rofl:

I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I show my team more and more - Coda is getting better by the day - I LOVE Coda!

I’m hoping they’ll add configurable, grayed out hint text to editable table fields - prompting the user on what to enter when the field is empty etc…


How does the live updates from Jira work? Can we leverage them as pack makers?

I almost knew before writing that this would be the response… :smiley:

We utilise coda a lot for agency hubs with connections to ‘client hub’ docs.

I.E Client doc with information and buttons for our staff to use → Master doc

It would be cool if our staff could peer into client docs and interact with their tasks or update clients in the comments without having to leave the master doc or have another tab open. A pain point I can see you are starting to address here with the utilisation of full page embeds.

This could also be a great replacement for cross doc.

I.E We full page embed a clients dashboard from our master doc into their own doc. We then allow them to still click buttons and leave comments so that they can help move tasks along / approve things.

Happy to jump on a call and show your team how we’re doing this and our paint points… if thats useful!

Hi Tony, sorry if the wording was a little unclear. All the Pack cards, Jira included, are just Pack formulas under-the-hood, so they will refresh at the cadence set for the Pack on the doc (daily, hourly, or manually). They are “live” in the sense that all Coda formulas (Pack or otherwise) will be recalculated when their inputs change. We do not yet have any support for instant-updates that receive push notifications from Jira, unless you hook up a Zapier integration or something like it.

No doubt there’s an obvious technical reasons - but why are google docs fully editable as a full page embed but other coda doc pages are entirely read only?

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Thats a very good point and I am not sure why ! Maybe the way that Coda is built under the hood?

Came here looking for this conversation — This would blow away Cross-Doc if we were able to make edits in another Doc via this full-page embed feature

I do already have a few Google Sheets embeds set up and being able to edit from inside of Coda feels like magic.


Love the new full-page embeds and was happy to see that when you embed a coda doc with many pages, you can choose to embed only one page, and since it’s view only, it “protects” the rest of the document. I think I will use this for cross-doc purposes that require view-only and not two way synch/editing.

Unless there’s something I’m missing and cross-doc is still recommended?

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I really like to full-page embed. Super helpful.

The full-page embeds look very helpful. One important question though…

I tried this with and the resulting Embed is read-only; I cannot change that. Is this a policy/limitation or a Coda policy/limitation?

Is there a way to Embed a Google doc that has its permissions set to be accessible to everyone in your company domain? …or does it only work for publicly shared Google docs?
We use Gmail for email and everyone is registered in Coda with the same identity

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congratulations on a very logical and legendary feature. However, when I want to add a link, I cannot embed full page. Is there a way to do this? Normal embedding works (force required) but full page embedding does not. Can you support?

Does anyone know if the “force” ability that can be used for in-line embeds can be applied to full page embeds? I am not seeing it.