Launched: New ways to integrate your toolstack into Coda

Can you run a google sheets script on an embeded google sheet in Coda?

Without looking, I believe it still loads the whole doc into the embed frame, so the ‘protection’ only goes as far as the will to open the iframe in a separate tab and explore from there.

@Paul_Danyliuk A quick look makes me think it’s just the data of the target page that is transferred to the embedded page.

For a complicated page with multiple tables is seems a bit slow to load - and it also looks like it requires a page refresh to reflect changes on the source page.
Some buttons work (like copy a (hidden!) field to the clipboard, some buttons create an error. Downloading files from a file field are stopped by Chrome.
If you have links to other pages, they are stil active and result in a visit to the original doc, to which the user probably won’t have acces.
It looks like a pretty save way to share information from a private doc, with some limitations. An automatic refresh to reflect changes in the source doc would be nice if you embed a dashboard type page.

Please correct me if my conclusion is wrong

Hi @Richard_Kaplan

Any policy/limitation on permissions would be from as we’re mostly showing what they provide. I’d suggest reviewing documentation in case for what options they provide. Thank you!

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Thank you for the regards @Ahmet_Eren_Ince!

We appreciate the feedback — supporting force is something on our radar, so stay tuned for updates.

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Hi @Michael_Ferrell,

Thank you for sharing — supporting force is something on our radar, so stay tuned for updates.

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Hi @joost_mineur , I wanted to clarify something about links to other pages inside of your embed. A user won’t be able to view an embedded page at all unless they already have at-least-view permissions on the original document. Any internal links on the embedded page will indeed take you to the original document, but the user clicking the link should always be able to see it once they’re there.

If you’re seeing an instance where this isn’t the case, please let us know! We’d love to look more closely at it.

The ability to edit embedded Coda pages is definitely on our radar! Stay tuned for updates in this area.


So then this can’t replace cross-doc because if you don’t want to give them access to the entire original doc, and just embed one page, they won’t be able to see it?

Yes, that should work! Anyone a Google doc is shared with should be able to see it in Coda with the access level they were granted. When you go to “Share” in Google docs, you can configure the “People with access” or “General access” link settings to achieve what you’re looking for.

Hello @Roger_Hu ,

Thank you for clarifying that.

I have to do some more testing and setup some users with different authorizations to check this out completely.

I hope it was clear that my post was about embedding Coda doc pages. I am not so sure how useful this is if only people with access to the original doc have access (as far Coda page embeds are concerned).

I will follow up later.


I look forward to it! I unfortunately don’t have much of a use case for this otherwise, though it seems really cool.

Hello @Roger_Hu ,

After some more testing I can confirm this works exactly as you said. Which, I kind of regret…
I am sure it will find useful applications, perhaps mostly in larger organizations.

But what so many of us are desperately waiting for, protected sharing of partial documents, is not here yet.

Greetings, Joost


I love the feature especially for bringing together separate Google Sheets!

My big pain is that I have to do it one by one. Is there any ways to add multiple Google sheet links at once with the full page embed??


:point_up: This!!

Like Joost said, I guess some people might find a usecase for it, but this is not the feature we’re so desperately waiting for for multiple years now.

I’ve filled in multiple surveys about this and had e-mail exchanges with some Codans, but unfortunately so far… crickets… :sob:

Excuse the rant, but I’m becoming more and more annoyed by the lack of progress, or maybe the direction of progress. Instead of addressing some obviously lacking features Coda seems to prioritize adding new shiny clutter.

Worst of all, we don’t get a timetable of what they are working on so I don’t even know if it’s worth to hold my breath until these issues are finally addressed, or if I should just move on from Coda all together. What am I supposed to tell my manager? He’s not seeing any progress made and he’s bankrolling my big bet on Coda. We’ve heard “This is definitely on our radar. Stay tuned” far too many times already. Communication, communication, communication…


Yep - I have empathy for users (including myself) who have clearly signaled the need for added sharing agility. I recall at least two telephone calls with in-depth discussions of scenarios, etc. This single capability is a barrier to significant expansion of Coda in enterprises. Indeed, we desperately need the ability to purpose slices of documents to facilitate awareness without making sub-copies and throwing more human effort at an unsustainable process. In that sense, the lack of partial sharing runs contrary to a fundamental ethos of Coda - hyper-productive success patterns.

I can appreciate the likelihood that the timing of AGI put a dent in the schedule. However, Coda was always AI-enabled through packs from 2021 and possibly earlier. If resources were diverted from this core functionality, it probably wasn’t necessary.

In any case, a roadmap status on this feature, which seemed imminent at one time, would be helpful.


Hey Folks, I am curious…the reference to ‘partial doc sharing’, is it primarily referencing:

  1. Ability to share a single page within a doc, or
  2. Ability to share sub-sections of a database (table)…that is row-level sharing control (could be enabled via better view locking with filters etc.).

I think I am asking because #2 is a big pain point for us…and I keep worrying that just addressing #1 won’t solve for it. So trying to understand the direction in which coda is looking to solve for this,

UpdateWe’ve launched Coda sync pages and shared an update on our broader roadmap, learn more here!

👋🏾 @Bill_French, @Bas_de_Bruijn, @Astha_Parmar and our maker community,

I’m the product manager working on various projects in the content sharing space, including page/sub-doc sharing and full-page embeds. We know how crucial this topic is to many of you, so I wanted to share some of our thoughts and plans.

I want to acknowledge that we clearly hear your frustrations. It’s not lost on us that this is one of our top requests. We’ve discussed this topic deeply, conducted extensive research where many of you have shared feedback, explored, and even prototyped various solutions. Through this we have learned that this is equally challenging, as it is important to solve.

What makes Coda docs so powerful is their interactivity and the interconnectedness of data. This becomes quite challenging when you want to share part of a doc, and have it operate well in isolation. This means ensuring we meet our maker’s expectations on the data boundaries of what people can or can’t access, and building features that have enterprise grade security — it can’t just look secure. While we’re up to the challenge, transparently, it is a large undertaking to meet these expectations without the shortcuts we see in other tools.

While I can’t share specific timelines on feature launches due to the challenges, I thought we’d share a bit more with you about how this latest launch fits into the overall picture, and the progress we’ve been making. We spent the last year conducting extensive research and exploring various solutions. One of our largest learnings is that we have many makers with diverse needs when it comes to better organizing and sharing your content from Coda docs. Sub-doc sharing is just one piece of the puzzle.

Full-page embeds are the first major building block on our path towards sub-doc sharing. On their own, they also enable a variety of use cases we learned about through our research and from customers using it.

  • We’ve already learnt from our customers how valuable embedding pages from one Coda doc into others has been to avoid switching tabs and context or duplication, while bringing all their information together.
  • In the next few months, we plan to make Coda page embeds editable, so in addition to having all your information together, you’ll also be able to make changes without having to open another doc.
  • We eventually plan to allow you to securely embed a single page in such a way that no other parts of the embedded doc are accessible — something some of you raised in the forum as well.
  • Finally, building upon all the previous steps, we plan to allow you to share a page of a doc, which uses the full-page embed functionality underneath.

Taking all this together, we see each step as building upon the last. Full-page embeds were a crucial step along the path and it’s certainly not the final stop.

Additionally, I wanted to share some related and exciting news. As we continue to review feedback from the various channels, we also learned that sharing a page isn’t always the end. Sometimes the true destination is about enabling people to see only a certain part of a project tracker or OKRs on that page. While Cross-doc enables this today, we plan to make this much richer, so people can work from any doc they please and all Cross-doc changes are always in sync. In the coming months, we will be working on Two-way Cross-doc to enable a variety of scenarios where you want to share parts of your data with other people, while allowing them to edit what they have access to.

Please know that the feedback you have all shared in the community, surveys, directly with Codans, and more has been incredibly important and one of the many bright spots of the community for me personally. We continue to reference your feedback and ideas as we explore and make decisions in the content sharing space.

We’ll continue to make progress and share updates as we have them. Many thanks again for your thoughtful questions, push, and patience while we lay the foundational building blocks to address feature requests like these.


Thanks indeed for the feedback @Tamas_Mahner!

Curious how often you run into this and the scenario? For example is it more about when you’re setting up your doc with page embeds or you find yourself needing to do this for every doc.