Sharing specific page or table (not the entire doc)

Hi, I have been trying to find if it’s possible to share just a specific table or page to other people, without them having to see other tables (specially those ones with confidential information). I can’t seem to find a way. Can someone advise if this is possible? Hiding pages is not an option since people can simply unhide it. Locking pages also I think just restricts other people to make changes to the tables/pages but they are still able to see what’s inside.

Hi @catalystarts and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

Single-page sharing is still not available at the moment but it’s definitively worked on :grin: (as this feature is not that easy to implement in a secure and private way… which Notion doesn’t really do either).

The recently released full-page embeds was a first step in that direction getting us all closer to see it coming to life :raised_hands:

So, the current workarounds, depending on your use case scenario, would be to share another doc and keep that doc up to date by :



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