Share a page with specific external users automatically updating his content

I have read a lot of threads on the page sharing topic, and so far the setup I have done is this one

  • In my primary document I have created a specific page with the content I want to share. This document and all his pages are shared with the internal working group
  • I have created another document to be shared with external users, with a page containing as embedded document the first page. This way if I modify the source page, this one will be automatically updated
  • Tried sharing this second document with an external user (my personal mail account to have a test)

The result is the embedded content cannot be seen and I will need requesting access to the original content page, of course not what I want to do.

Wanted to ask if there is any way to achieve this, without me needing to manually update every time the content from the first internal users only page to the second external users page

Hey @Davide_Z! We don’t currently have subdoc sharing like what you’re describing, and as a workaround generally suggest using cross-doc to share table data across docs in this way. We can add your vote as a +1 to the existing feature request for subdoc sharing though, if you’d like!

understood there isn’t a subdoc sharing, that’s why I created a new document.
It’s not a table data, it’s a list of bullet points, but need to have a look at cross-doc, maybe can convert this to table.

Anyway I understand there is no way to automatically synch the new document with the content of the other subdocument, so the only option is manyally copy and paste every new release.

Hello @Davide_Z ,
Almost anything can be converted to a table, you could even make a one column one row table (type canvas column) for this purpose.
You can sync it to the other doc with cross-doc, which will create a static copy at the other side, or use a webhook to update the other table and make it static or editable at the other side (by using locking options).
I personally like webhooks better, but it requires a little more planning and setup than you would need for cross-doc.

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Where is this feature request? There is an ETA?

I’m planning managing multiple small projects where I need to coordinate both external developers and internal specs creation, budgeting and reporting.

Without the page sharing feature all of this is really cumbersome to manage, so if the feature will be not available in our license I need to reconsider my plans.

:wave:t5: @Davide_Z and @Davide_445 — I’m the product manager working on various projects in the content sharing space, including page/sub-doc sharing. Thank you for your request as we understand how cumbersome managing multiple projects across different people can be. Please do add your vote here and see our overall sharing roadmap here, that lays out the steps to your request and why we are not able to provide an ETA.

In addition to the option @Jasmine_B shared, what we’ve seen other customers do is keep all pages you want to share both internally and externally in the external doc, and then embed pages from the external doc in the primary doc. You’ll also share your external doc internally and externally, so people internally can access embeds from that doc in the primary doc.

Please continue sharing your feedback as we’re reading every post and incorporating your insights into our designs and sharing model updates.

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