Launched: Pre-filled Form Fields

This is an awesome feature for forms. I’m wondering if there are plans to allow URL parameters for pre-filling 2 additional items:

  • Canvas Control Fields
  • A Table filter Control

This would open the door to a ton more automation, and integration with 3rd party products without the need to write custom API calls to do the same.

I have 2 current use cases where the Canvas Control URL Parameter would be very useful, and. is a show-stopper for my idea for the table filter. (without creating duplication of tables all over the place)

Any plans on the above?


Hey Community :wave:
Anyone tried/has a solution for a read-only field on a published form?

@Scott_Collier-Weir @Bill_French @Christiaan_Huizer @joost_mineur et al thanks for your ongoing support!

What do you mean?

If you set the field to a formula, like a simple formula with just a text string, it just displays text and thats it.

Is that what you are looking for?

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yes, correct. But it only shows me a blank value, I am using e.g.
join(char(10),thisRow.product_id.Nth(1),thisRow.product_desc.Nth(1),Concatenate("Quantity: “,thisRow.product_quantity.Nth(1),” ",thisRow.product_unit.Nth(1)))

You can’t reference anything from your doc itself. Forms are, for secrutiy reasons, intentionally “disconnected” in a way from the larger doc/data.

Therefore your formula which is saying “thisRow.product_quantity.Nth(1)” won’t work.

Although there are some secret ways to get some stuff to work. I know that sounds vague haha, but send a doc link over and I can take a look


:grimacing: multi tasking with multi user

In the past couple of weeks it was reported about dozen times an issue with this pre-filled forms. I raised a bug report today because I checked and tested and it seems like a bug during the submission.

It works fine to display the referenced pre-filled data in the form, but after submission the Reference which needs to be filled in to the table is replaced with text URL version, not the actual Reference. This used to work fine until a couple of weeks ago.

If anyone has the same issue, please share here.

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Yes, I currently encounter these kind problems too, but in a slightly different way: many pre-filled forms suddenly stop working because the column name suddenly takes on the name of the form heading. e.g. the column “Student_School_House” with the forms-eading “Which school do you go to?” takes on the heading for some reason. The column itself is then called “Which school do you go to?”, which of course makes the pre-filled links no longer work. I then have to rename the column again. Luckily they only take on the header again, if I change something. I hope this will get fixed.


I have this issue too. Every time I update a form or click on Rename while editing a Layout this changes the name of the column too. Yet another bug @Coda_Test

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it is indeed a bug I see daily and reduces the efficiency in our work, the Coda folks should know about it.