Layout/modal option is needed

Dear Codans,
Our pages are looking and behaving more like apps than ever before. We are now able to program close/return buttons and even add some extra logic to that.
For a while now, when you open a modal or full screen layout, we get a backlink at the top left and some options at the top-right of the opened modal, along with the ‘X’ to close the modal outright.
This is usually very nice, but not always. There are situations where we we don’t like the user to go back to the table, but to another modal, or a different page. Also, when we allow the user to return with a button, we can add some logic to fill some fields, to delete the new row if certain fields (or none at all) are not filled. But since there are so many ways to exit the modal we can’t control anything if the user uses one of the pre-baked options.
So please, add a layout option to not show any of the following: the backlink to the table, the option menu top right, the closing X and escaping with the ESC key (default should probably be to show them though).
As far as I am concerned this can be one option (show none or all), although I can see situations where more fine grained control would help. But show all or none would be a very nice start.
Thank you in advance for considering this, we really need it!


Removing this would also solve SOO MANY privacy issues with the Coda documents. Currently a Play/View only document exposes all hidden pages and table “thanks” to this “neat” link in the upper left corner.

This is not new though. Codans have seen this suggestion at least several hundred times and they refuse to fix it. That’s why it’s best not to use Coda if you want to hide something from a person who has acces to your document.

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