Layout Packs: A marketplace for custom styling

The title plus the image speaks for itself, but let me add to it:
I love coda, my creatives hate it.
Let UI designers spark their creativity and launch style packs, let them design under a set of constraints, but with full control over colors, font styling, margin and padding. Give them freedom to paint your row views and, who knows, you might even create a new market.


I actually love this idea! Having a bunch of nice presets and a more in depth detail view editor would be so nice.


Great Idea!! Love it, playing with CSS would be real funny …

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Coming from a heavy background in the Webflow community, this would be a very welcome feature

Honestly, never thought about it before…but that would be pretty sweet…

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Having CSS like styling for Coda would be abso-marvelous, AND a game changer out here is these Productivity app streets!


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