Limiting edit access for outside users


I’m new to Coda and was wondering how I can assign an outside user tasks that they can complete themselves but essentially not edit anything else but still view the progress of the project. Is this possible?

Hi @Mary_Beth_Little, thanks for the question! Sounds like you may want to just give “view only” access to this outside user (help article). This means they would be able to see your Coda doc, but they won’t be able to edit anything in the doc.

Hi @Mary_Beth_Little :slight_smile: And welcome to the community! :tada: :smiley:

As @Al_Chen_Coda was saying you can share/publish the doc as view only but in this way you are not able to know when the user have finished the task!

Maybe after completition you’d like to receive a “x user have completed this” and you can achieve this with a button or a checkbox or whatever you prefer, but you need some edit capabilites for this!
I would use a combination of publishing as edit and locking permission :slight_smile:
With those 2 option i’m building a complete multi user app so you’ll be fine whatever you want to do :slight_smile:

Another way could be using new forms (that are way more powerful that “stupid” normal form, you’ll see in a while :smiley:) but sadly as today one can just send and not “re-see” what he have sended, please @coda_team allow users to edit submitted rows by forms, it’s not hard and this could unlock the real power of forms!

If you have any doubts just ask :slight_smile: