Line Breaks in Compose Column

Hello! The compose column is great, but it’s super inconsistent with line breaks. Sometimes, they work, sometimes they don’t and I haven’t been able to find out why. Any thoughts, or is this a bug?
In this picture, it’s working as expected:

But, I try pretty much the same thing and it doesn’t work:

In the column itself, it might look like it’s working, but if you use it for email content for example, the line breaks aren’t there.

Hey @Samuel_Langford ! It looks like you reached out to our Support team about this same issue. They will continue to work with you there :+1:

Hi Shaina,

The support team wasn’t able to help actually, they could not recreate the issue. Have you run into this before?

The same thing is now happening to canvas columns. No spaces when emails get sent out. Now I have no consistent way to format emails.

I don’t think it’s a compose column thing - it’s more an email pack thing. Happens with Gmail and outlook packs. For emails sent in Coda I normally put two line breaks in order for there to be 1 line break in the actual email that is sent.

Hi, guys. I encounter the formatting issue working in Compose of the Column. I tried to compose Text column and the Formula. Formula displays an image( PeopleColumn.PhotoT.Image(25,25,””,”circle”) ).
And the line height is just huge. Another issue, when I display the value in another table as a lookup(through the relate type of column, not the actual formula), it shows the red triangle, although displays correctly.
What am I missing please?

At this point I solved the red triangle and partially the line size with the use of formula instead of Compose, I used ListCombine(). It gives rather decent results, although I would be happy if there was a way to center the image and remove the coma - exact format as it displays the People type of data, thanks

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I’ve tried to put regular line breaks, I’ve tried using the linebreak() formula and no luck.

I’ve tested a bunch of stuff out, and using this pack Rich Text Tools Pack, extend Coda with Rich Text... - Coda and putting .tohtml() in the content formula for the Outlook pack usually works!

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