Linked Relation Custom Sort doesn't appear to work

Linked Relation Custom Sort options (Under “Linked relation options” → “Option settings”) do not appear to work and no matter what field you choose always appears to use the table order and not the field.

Example of using a Date field

Example using a number field

I’ve tried in multiple docs with the same result. Here’s a doc that shows the issue and it’s shared with Coda Support

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Hello @Ryan_Hubbard ,

The sorting option you are using is meant to sort the lookup list, so it sorts what you see when you push the little arrow to select one (or more) items.
What you need to do is right click on the column itself and select sort. Or go to the table options and set a sort:
Greetings, Joost

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Thanks Joost. I figured the Option sort would sort the cell values and the pickup list, but now understand that is not how it works.

So linked relation fields (Item.Notes) cell values are always sorted by the linked relation table (Notes table) row order. Is that correct?

The obvious issue is a user can change the sort on the Notes table and now the Item.Notes sort will change. Sounds like there is no way to ensure that Item.Notes cell value will always be sorted in a specific way (outside of creating a formula field that does the sorting, but that field would not be editable).

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The items in one cell are not sorted, but listed in the sequence they are entered (which is often not the way you want it sorted). If you want a sorted result, you have to sort a modified cell with an automation.

If you don’t know how to do that, make a dummy doc, share it (with the community or with me) and I will show in your doc how it is done.

Creating a formula is what I had to do.

I’ve always felt that Coda should display the list using the sort order specified on the table being referenced - in my case it wasn’t?

I have a Tasks table and I wanted to have a Task Notes select table where you could add multiple notes into the Task’s Notes column - the Notes are sorted descending created on, or ‘latest note at the top’

I had to create a formula instead of just being able to set the Task Notes table to sort descending.



That’s how I’m solving the problem, but of course the downfall is you can’t add new linked related rows. You have to goto another view or open it in a layout.

I use a button to create each new ‘Task Note’ which adds a new Note into the Notes column of my ‘Team Tasks’ table.


Hey @Ryan_Hubbard ,
Using a formula does indeed prevent new entries. That’s why you should/can use an automation. The cell contents will be sorted within a minute after you make changes, and you don’t need a helper column or other tricks.
Greetings, Joost

Hi @joost_mineur - How does the automation work? Is it sorting the the Linked Relation table or something else?

Here’s a doc that can you edit.

Shown and documented in your doc.
Happy coding,
Greetings, Joost