Linking to outside content from Published Forms

I have a published form that requires the user to check a box confirming they have read and agree to the terms and conditions. I need to provide them a link to these terms & conditions.

Anyone have a recommendation for how to handle this well?

The most natural (and, I suspect, screen-reader-friendly) would be to have rich text (to enable hyperlinks) in the column name, question/prompt, or description fields. But none of these support rich text/links.

Buttons don’t work on published forms, so I can’t OpenWindow("<url to the published doc page containing my T&Cs>")

The best I’ve been able to come up with is adding a text column, whose formula is Concatenate( "I have read and agree to the ", Hyperlink("<url to T&C page>","Terms and Conditions") ). I was hoping to position this beside my check box column on the form, and hide the column names for both (letting this text field serve as a kind of label - albeit one with pretty trash accessibility). But you can’t hide the column name for a checkbox column :frowning: