Links from Table to Board Game Description Page

Hey everyone,

I am working on creating a running list of the board games I have and thought it would be helpful to have descriptions of them all.

Right now I have all the game titles to on a table with the number of players and I would like to add a link to the description that I have as a text document on another page.

Is there a good way to create a link between the table and the description section? Preferably a solution that would jump right to the description of the game.


Page 1

| Board Game | Number of players | Description |
| Caper | 2 - 4 | (desired place for a link to page 2) |
| Catan: Seafarers | 2 - 6 | (desired place for a link) |

Page 2

Caper (this would be the place I would want to link to from page 1)

Description, words, and things, blah blah blah, other important relevant would go here.

Catan: Seafarers (this is the place I would want to jump to from page 1)

Description, important information about playing the game, simple instructions and other relevant information blah blah blah.

Any help would be appreciated,

Thanks :slight_smile:

Dear @Caleb_Daubenspeck,

The hyperlinks should do the job, as in the sample doc:

Kind regards,



Thank you, this was helpful.

It looks like I am going to have a lot of sections, but it gave me some ideas for adding more info to the description page for each Game.