List of references matching lookup list


Hi First time poster here.

I am looking for a solution so that each row should contain a reference to all rows that match a lookup list


I have Milestones(List), Features(List) and Taks(List).

Milestones have multiple Features, Features have multiple Tasks.

I want Milestone to have a column to contains all references to each of the rows in Features(List) and Feature -> Task(list)

I have so far set it up this:

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Experiment with these formulas (they’re basically the inverse of each other):

  • Contains()
  • In()

Here’s an example using Contains() :
EDIT: [tasks2].[feature] is a Lookup column to [features]


Gamedev wohoo! Welcome here!
There is also the solution of using a detail view, in which you can reference as a lookup some tasks displayed as table.

For example, you create a table features. You create another table called tasks.
In the task table you add a column lookup to the features. Each time you add a new task, you associate a feature.
But, in your feature table, you add a column called tasks with a formula like : Lookup(TaskTable, Feature, thisrow)
Then you’ll have all the tasks associated with the feature.
Next, if you change the feature table view as detail view, and edit the layout, you could set the Task field as a table.

With this solution, you can work on the tasks of a feature directly in the feature table.

There still need some polish about this detailed view, I think that the sub table is too narrow.
Personally, I would also love to be able to display those sub tables in a regular table.


Is it possible to combine the values from Task2.task and Task2.Column 2 and then display them as list in Features? Important! I would still like to be able to click on these listed items and those open the Task2 entry row.




Thanks a lot for the input and the welcome. :grinning: