Formula troubles with GTD list template

I’m trying to replicate the tables as per document:

I have copy pasted the formula as shown and changed the table reference to the table I’ve created called ‘organize’.

But the formula doesn’t work. I’m out of ideas for how to make it work,

Any insights?


Here’s the organize table, which as you can see does have tasks added, so they are supposed to be visible in the table above.

Hi @Gavriel_Shaw, in the first table is the column containing “Lifebinder, MMP” etc a display column and Project column in Organize a Lookup column to it? If not can you try Organize.Filter(Project =thisrow.project).task.Bulletedlist.

In a Filter the two values you are comparing have to be the same type ( text = test, thisrow = row reference)… happy to explain more but here either use the formula I have suggested or in your Organize table makeProject lookup to your first table, then thisrow=Project should work.