Loading a lot of content

(I was considering to post this either to the Developers Central or here, if it’s better suited there please move)


I was wondering how Coda would handle a lot of content in a lot of sections. I saw that when navigating to a section no content requests are made which means that all the content in a doc is loaded into memory at first opening the doc, is it safe to assume that the same behavior would happen if I would have a lot of content in the sections, meaning there isn’t a threshold after which a section is loaded when it’s opened?

I’m pretty sure that’s the case but just wanted to make sure so that I can create a suitable strategy for splitting my content (splitting it into docs rather than sections).

Cheers and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

I don’t have a whole lot of technical insight to add, but I will say that at the present moment Coda is not at all good at handling large amounts of data. Simple tables going over 100 rows can become a problem quickly. The strange thing about what you said regarding no request being made is that my sections are constantly loading as I scroll. It seems like it almost never has an active cache to pull from.

Just my thoughts. It’s a great product but can be absolutely miserable to use because of the performance issues.