Loading filtered data

The following is not a bug persé, but it is an issue for our users (and for me). I am not sure this issue warrants a new posting or should be added to another thread, but I couldn’t really find the right thread, so here we go:

I have large table 1500 rows, 50 columns or something like that, that needs to be accessed on PC’s and on mobile devices. In order to make this work (for us) we have the table filtered and initially show nothing until we fill something in a lookup field, at which point the filter lets the appropriate records go through.

This works with a few issues - the issues only show (for us) on a mobile device (4G internet - good connection). When we close the app on the mobile device while viewing the page with the large table, next time opening up the app it will open my doc on this particular case. I kind of like that, but before the filters activates, it is showing me all the rows (or cards) first, before the filter becomes effective. I realize it is loading a lot of stuff in the background - these pages with their select fields aren’t the quickest to load and take a while (typically 5 to 15 seconds) before they are properly working. In the meantime all the rows (well, I don’t know if it’s all of them, but it looks like a lot of them) appear in full view before they disappear due to the filter that’s in effect.

I would like to see the opposite: the table should start out showing nothing and then fill with the rows the filter is letting through. This is not exactly the same, but similar to the subject discussed elsewhere: only transmit data that is to be displayed. Perhaps it should be a table option to buffer the entire table or get only active data from the servers. Regardless of this, the view we get should never show data that should be filtered out (imo).

I don’t expect a quick solution, but I hope it will be taken into consideration by the Coda team.


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