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Hi there,

I’m attempting to do something a little different and I’m looking for feedback/advice from those more experienced with if its feasible/possible to do a few things.

I’m currently trying to host some interactable content at https://forzahub.hte.io. By “Interactable” I ultimately mean accepting user submissions, but also edits to that content and reactions that I can then sort on. This currently works fine via forms, but there are some limitations… namely the custom domain published sites only allow for “Play” mode which means a user editing a submission is not possible and also reactions don’t work as intended since they don’t get saved to the actual doc.

I’m thinking up some workarounds for this, namely having some automations that update the actual doc or doing it via http or something along those lines. I was having a look at @Scott_Weir 's Webhook pack to try and overcome these challenges and think it may work for what I’m trying to do… but just looking to pick some more experienced brains on the subject of user intractability in public custom domain coda docs :slight_smile:

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An interesting finding I’ve just discovered… If I use the direct link to a page in a doc that has edit access for anyone with the link and I append “viewMode=Edit” to the end, the embed works in the custom domain public site, as long as I’ve previously logged into Coda.

However, if I’m not logged in, I’m just presented with a “Coda refused to connect” error, where I feel it should just prompt for login?

This would largely solve my problems, I would just need to architect things into separate docs for editable content vs non editable content.

You can see it my example here: Embed Test · Forza Hub (hte.io)

Also, another note… if you embed a published document link, the page is broken on the public custom domain site. it seems to only show the page header, even if its disabled. I don’t feel this is correct behaviour either. Surely if you can get to a published doc without logging in, it should work via embed?

UPDATE: I logged this with the support team and they confirmed this isn’t the intended behaviour and have logged it as a bug. No ETA on the fix as yet.

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